You don't need to be a gourmet chef to enjoy Maine Lobster. We have the step-by-step instructions and recipes you need to get started, all with ingredients and cookware you likely already have at home.

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The most popular ways to cook whole, live Maine Lobster are boiling, steaming, and grilling. Each produces delicious results, so the method you choose depends on what flavor and texture you are in the mood for.



Boiling is the best approach for recipes that call for fully cooked and picked lobster meat.

Get step-by-step boiling instructions, and directions on how long to cook per pound of lobster here



Steaming is a gentler cooking technique that produces a slightly more tender, flavorful meat. This method is more forgiving on the timing front - it’s harder to overcook a steamed lobster.

Get steps and tips on how to achieve an evenly cooked lobster and recommended steam times  here



Anyone can throw burgers on the grill, but adding lobster to the mix is sure to elevate your meal and earn you the title of backyard barbecue royalty.

Get instructions on how to season and grill the perfect lobster for the ultimate barbecue experience here