Exceptional Pricing on Fresh Maine Wholesale Lobster with Sea Salt Lobster

8th Jan 2014

We at Sea Salt Lobster love what we do and we love providing our partners with fresh Maine wholesale lobster. The value enjoyed when partnering with Sea Salt Lobster is unrivaled, and part of the reason why we stand head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to fresh Maine lobster value is that we offer some of the most competitive pricing and shipping rates in the entire industry.

Sea Salt Lobster delivers high quality fresh live lobster, lobster meat, and New England split-top rolls. We also serve partners in need of frozen seafood as well as soups. However, when it comes to Maine lobster wholesale, our partners will enjoy excellent pricing on top of outstanding quality. Since we have close partnerships with our logistics providers, we are able to deliver our partners with the most competitive shipping rates possible. We only charge our partners what our overnight shipper charges us plus the small costs required to cover shipping materials. You can count on incredible value when you partner with Sea Salt Lobster.

Enjoy market-leading pricing on high quality Maine wholesale lobster with Sea Salt Lobster. For more information regarding our wholesale lobster and other high quality seafood products, please browse through our Sea Salt Lobster website. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your wholesale lobster or other seafood needs, then feel free to contact Morey at 207-590-0157 or Shawn at 207-636-6408.