6-pack of Culls (7 pounds) SHIPPING INCLUDED!

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100% certified fresh Maine Lobster. Culls are lobsters that have lost one claw. This happens when lobsters battle in the ocean. At times, a lobster will drop a claw off its body in order to escape a predator! When lobsters molt, these claws will regenerate. At times, they can even grow extra parts to their claws, off of the main claw. You could get some strange-looking claws! But don't worry, they taste just as scrumptious as a "normal-looking" lobster. The price you see is the price per 6-pack, not PER pound! Some of the lobsters would have been 1.25-1.75 pounds, had they had their 2nd claw. The pack will be a mix of sizes. This 6-pack will weigh between 7 and 8 pounds.

Every order of Live Maine Lobster from Sea Salt Lobster comes with:

* Sea salt to add to the boiling water for flavor

* Wet naps

* Lobster crackers and picks

* Lobster placemat with eating instructions

* Lobster bibs 

* 2 sticks of Kate's Homemade Butter

* Cooking instructions

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